Design, Study, Strategy

  • Prepare detailed project plan
  • Gather and review organizational, job and employee data
  • Facilitate kick-off meetings
  • Conduct initial focus groups and interviews
  • Summarize focus group findings and implications for compensation philosophy and guiding principles
  • Develop compensation philosophy
  • Develop change and communication strategy and plan

Develop Career Architecture, Define Jobs & Map Positions

  • Draft job architecture: job functions and families, and levels
  • Draft job leveling guide
  • Draft job function descriptions and title guidelines
  • Review career model materials
  • Populate career ladder matrices with job architecture content
  • Confirm position mapping approach
  • Develop position mapping tools and facilitation materials
  • Conduct workforce sessions to calibrate position mapping results, focusing on outliers

Asses Market & Design Pay Structure

  • Develop and finalize salary benchmarking methodology
  • Confirm benchmark position list
  • Map benchmark positions to survey jobs
  • Gather market data for benchmark positions based on methodology
  • Analyze competitive market position of current pay
  • Summarize gap analysis findings
  • Develop salary structure and slot benchmark jobs


Slot Jobs & Analyze Impact

  • Develop approach for slotting non-benchmark jobs
  • Finalize job slotting for non-benchmark jobs
  • Analyze employee and cost implications of new compensation structure

Plan for Change & Communication

  • Conduct learning seminars and presentations to stakeholders
  • Develop salary administration guidelines and training materials for program administrators
  • Develop employee communication materials
  • Finalize implementation/change strategy

Testing & Implementation

  • Deliver communications
  • Prepare, configure and test all systems for implementation