Calibration Process Tools

Functional Calibration

Functional Calibration (Completed)

In the fall of 2018, UCAP held more than 40 functional calibration sessions.

Subject-matter experts reviewed jobs with like responsibilities to ensure consistent leveling and placement across 25 job functions.

Organizational Calibration 1

Organizational Calibration 1 (Completed)

The first round of organizational calibration brought college or division leadership together to review feedback provided by functional calibration to ensure consistent leveling and placement in the appropriate job functions and families.

Organizational Calibration 2

Organizational Calibration 2 (Completed)

The second round of organizational calibration required a deeper dive and refinement of the mapping across colleges and divisions. This review included an assessment of FLSA for some positions and confirmation of Career-Track faculty.

Organizational Calibration 2

Tips and Reminders

  • Think about the duties of the position, not the person.
  • Refer to all of the work dimensions when determining level, not just education and experience.
  • Focus on the primary purpose of the position (What duties take up most of the time?).
  • Refer to position documentation when possible.
  • Remember that our goal is to provide an internally (UA positions), and externally (market data) equitable salary structure.
  • Remember that no one will lose pay as a result of UCAP. Pay that is lower or higher than the proposed pay range is an indicator of potential misalignment that must be substantiated.

Cheat Sheets

Career Track Research Professor Conversion

Position Mapping Resource Grid




Job-functions & Families

JDXpert Career Matrix

UACCESS Mapping Submittal

Career Streams

Position Description Resource Form


Levels - Work Dimensions

Writing a Position Description Form


What is Calibration?

Calibration is the process where the UCAP project team, in collaboration with University leadership and managers, will review position mapping at the organizational and functional level to identify mapping trends and outliers.

With your help over the past few months, the University community has worked to define UCAP jobs using consistent definitions of function, family and career levels, rather than using generic titles such as "coordinator" or "manager". A clearly defined architecture, in addition to external market data, will help evaluate equitable pay across the University in positions that perform similar work. The next step in the process will be similar to job mapping, but with a closer evaluation across functions and families.

In the calibration phase, UCAP continues to serve as a comprehensive platform for supporting career growth across the University. As the project continues to move forward, the UCAP team is:

  • Meeting with leaders across campus, both at a functional and organizational level, to validate job mapping, and identify or correct any misalignments
  • Reviewing how jobs are distributed within career streams and levels, and across functions and families, in partnership with organizational leadership

UCAP would like to thank the University community for continuing to provide feedback, and ensuring the architecture is both market referenced and reflective of the University of Arizona. 

For definitions of the project components, please visit the glossary of terms here.

Organizational Calibration Events

The UCAP Project Team is currently conducting workshops for Deans, Division Leadership, College Academic Business Officers (CABO), and University Financial Officers (UFO).