Functional Calibration

Informed Decisions

Relevant market data for the University, managers, and employees to make quicker and more informed decisions.

Organizational Calibration 1

Career Possibilities

Career progression opportunities for the vast array of professions at the University.

Organizational Calibration 2

Shared Language

Common career models, level descriptors, title guidelines, and compensation ranges to allow for transparent dialogue.

The University Career Architecture Project (UCAP) will revolutionize the way we think about professions and manage compensation at the UA. It is a two year initiative that will replace the current classified staff and appointed professional categories of employment with market-based job functions and families. Deliverables include:

  • A compensation philosophy and total rewards strategy that allow us to attract the talent necessary to deliver on the mission of the UA
  • Career models for the vast array of professions at the UA with level descriptors that make it possible to benchmark pay to the external market and manage like positions similarly across all locations
  • An annual lifecycle model for strategic compensation planning and management
  • Market-based salary ranges for all positions
  • Modernized policies and procedures to support the new system

News & Updates