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Mercer Named Consulting Partner

Friday, May 5, 2017

Earlier this week, the University of Arizona named Mercer Consulting as the external consulting firm for UCAP. Mercer’s thorough response to the RFP and on-site presentation were exceptional and the consultants who will be working on the project with bring a wealth of relevant experience in higher education, healthcare, and private sector.

Thanks to the RFP selection committee for their efforts and great insights during the selection process:

  • Kirsteen Anderson - Program Coordinator, Senior (Division of Human Resource)
  • PRis Cantu - Director, Workforce Systems (Division of Human Resources)
  • Liz Firmage – Director, Strategic Operations and APAC representative (Asthma/Airway Disease Research Center)
  • Christina Rocha - Accountant Senior and Classified Staff Council representative (Research, Discovery and Innovation)
  • Helena Rodrigues - Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (Division of Human Resources)