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Project Governance

Project Management

Leadership Sponsor: Allison Vaillancourt, Vice President, Business Affairs & Human Resources
Project Director: Jan Myers, Director, Compensation, Division of Human Resources

Advisory Council

Michael Brewer
Department Head, Research and Learning University Libraries

Sara Knepper
Director, Academic Advising, College of Education, Dean’s Office

Gail Burd
Senior Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

Garth Perry
Assistant Director, Budget Office

Hank Childers
Executive Director, Analytics and Institutional Research

Jen Meyers Pickard
Assistant Vice President, Divisional Initiatives / Planning, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Tony DeFrancesco
Assistant Vice President, Operations, University of Arizona Health Sciences

Tony Proudfoot
Associate Vice President, Marketing Communications,
Brand Management

Mary Driessen
Manager, Department of Business Affairs College of Medicine-Phoenix

Christina Rocha
Accountant, Senior - RDI Business Services

Caroline Garcia
Associate Vice President, Research, Discovery & Innovation

Helena Rodrigues
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Raquel Givens

Director, LCME Accreditation, COM Academic Affairs

Lisa Rulney
Associate Vice President, Financial Services

Janet Gurton
Senior Business Analyst, Financial Services Office

Pam Scott
Associate Vice President, External Communications

Greg Hodgins
Director, Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Marilyn Taylor
Senior Assistant Vice President, Finance and Administration, Office of the Provost

Jeffrey Jones
Information Technology Support Analyst, UITS

David Wagner
Associate General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel


Project Team

PRis Cantu
Director, Workforce Systems
Division of Human Resources

Chante Martin
Director, HR University of Arizona Health Sciences - Phoenix
Division of Human Resources

Marisela Celaya
Assistant Director, HR and Organizational Development, Human Resources

Thomas McDonald
Chief of Staff & Operations Manager,
Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs and Human Resources

Richard Chavez
Coordinator, Personnel Affairs - COM Administration, Medicine Administration

Michelle Meyer
Manager, Payroll,
FSO – Financial Management

Chris Dominiak
Lead, Benefits Systems / Administration,
Division of Human Resources

Jeff Oliver
Specialist, Bioinformationist, UAHS Library

Jennifer Elmer
Assistant Director, Human Resources,
Facilities Mgmt-Admin HR

Kate Riley
Director, Finance & Operations, BIO5 Institute

Lisa Gundy
Manager, HR Solutions,
Division of Human Resources

Nicole Salazar
Comptroller, FSO – Financial Management

Gina Harms
Consultant, HR Organizational,
Division of Human Resources

Lori Swanson
Information Technology Manager, Principal,
UITS – Administrative Computing

Jared Jorde
Consultant, Compliance,
Office of Institutional Equity

Shaun Wolfel
Administrator, Hiring / Employee Relations
Parking and Transportation

Dylan Lane
Data Analyst
Division of Human Resources