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The University Career Architecture Project (UCAP) will revolutionize the way we think about professions and manage compensation at the UA. It is a two year initiative that will replace the current classified staff and appointed professional categories of employment with market-based job functions and families. Deliverables include:

  • A compensation philosophy and total rewards strategy that allow us to attract the talent necessary to deliver on the mission of the UA
  • Career models for the vast array of professions at the UA with level descriptors that make it possible to benchmark pay to the external market and manage like positions similarly across all locations
  • An annual lifecycle model for strategic compensation planning and management
  • Market-based salary ranges for all positions
  • Modernized policies and procedures to support the new system

News & Updates

University Career Architecture Project Update


We are writing to let you know that we have decided to delay full implementation of the University Career Architecture Project (UCAP)* until January 2020, rather than going live this summer as originally announced. Our analysis suggests extending the timeline will be in our University community’s best interests. While many factors led to this decision, we want to share the two most important and also describe our next steps.

Calibration progress and planned next steps


UCAP is intensely focused on university-wide calibration sessions. Here is a summary of our progress and planned next steps.

With Mapping Nearly Finished, UCAP Moves to Calibration Phase


This article first appeared on Lo Que Pasa.

Jan Myers, director of compensation and the UCAP project director, gave an update on the project at the Appointed Professionals Advisory Council meeting. With nearly all UA employees' positions mapped, the University Career Architecture Project has entered its functional calibration phase, with the goal of ensuring consistency across all titles and levels.

UCAP Mapping Was Valuable Process, Supervisors Say


This article first appeared on Lo Que Pasa

The University Career Architecture Project will soon enter the calibration process, where the UCAP team, in collaboration with University leadership, managers and subject matter experts, will review the results of the career mapping process that most campus units have completed.

During the mapping process, employees worked with their supervisors to review their current positions, including duties and minimum qualifications, and matched the positions to jobs within the UA's new career architecture, which is organized at a broad level by job function. Each function is then broken down into job families.

What is Calibration?


Calibration is the process where the UCAP project team, in collaboration with University leadership and managers, will review position mapping at the organizational and functional level to identify mapping trends and outliers.